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EDGING into a new era

A note from previous race directors Heather & Adam

"Hello everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve posted. We hope you have all had a great summer full of sun and trails and dirt and adventures - we have! We have also spent the summer reflecting on all things Pick Your Poison and brainstorming about the future.

When Adam told me 11+ years ago that he had agreed to take on our local trail race I thought he was crazy. We were not race directors. We had no idea what we were doing. Pick Your Poison didn’t even exist! Yet, slowly, PYP was born. Along with our friends Ron Spencer and Dawn Hamel things started to come together. A venue was picked. A race course was mapped out (anyone remember the stormy mudfest that was year one?). We ordered 50 t-shirts and prayed to the running Gods that 50 people would show up - and they did… we even had to order an extra 50! Over the years, with the support of many of our family members, friends, strangers and the running community our little grass roots race has grown into what it is today - and we love it. We’ve put our heart and soul into PYP every year trying to make sure runners leave fully exhausted, with a full belly and a full heart. Over the summer, however, we’ve decided that this is a good time for us to explore new adventures. It’s been a really difficult decision that we have not taken lightly. We truly love race day and everything that goes along with it. We are forever grateful for all the new friends we’ve met through this race and the support we’ve received from our family and friends. It truly is ONE SWEET RACE!

Fear not though! Pick Your Poison is not going anywhere!! Not even those damn hills! We are happy to say that we have found two die-hard trail runners to take over the megaphone and facebook posts (and the many other tasks that make this race amazing)!! Many of you in the trail community will be familiar with Trish Benoit and Rhonda Ingram-Empey. They are fixtures at most OUTRace events and their energy and love of trail running is infectious! We are so grateful that they are interested in carrying on the Pick Your Poison legacy. We are looking forward to mentoring them through the fall and winter as they navigate their way through race organizing and we appreciate all of your patience and support as they work to make year 12 another epic race day! Stay tuned for more information!

Heather & Adam"

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