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Race Day Instructions For PYP 2024

Updated: Apr 23

Hello racers. We hope you are as excited about this year as we are. We're excited because the 7 day weather outlook is out and it is looking to be a perfect day. On Saturday in Barrie we're expecting 13 degrees and sunshine!

Pre-race Kit Pickup

This year our pre-race kit pickup is going to be held at the location of our race sponsor, Sojourn Outdoors located in Barrie just off the 400. You will be able to pickup your race kit during the operating hours of Sojourn which are from 10:00 am-6:00 pm. Our volunteers and race directors will be there to provide you with your bib, shirt and jar of honey. In addition Sojourn has been very generous and is providing us with "$25 off $100 vouchers" which can be used in store. Need a great new pair of trail shoes or socks for race day? Pre-race kit pickup would be a most excellent time to be race day ready. Who doesn't like to race in a fresh new pair of socks!

Pre-Race Kit Pickup, Friday, April 26, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm @ Sojourn Outdoors.

There will be NO FRIDAY KIT PICKUP at the Heights of Horseshoe

Race Day Kit Pickup

Kits can also be picked up on race day in advance of your race. Race kit pickup starts at 7:00 am on Saturday, April 27 at the Heights of Horseshoe.

Race Day, Saturday April 27

Our race day itinerary is as follows:

7:00 am - race kit pickup opens

8:00 am - 50k race start

8:30 am - 25K race start

9:00 am - 12.5K race start

If picking up your bib on race day be sure to leave time to park and get your race kit. It is advised to arrive an hour before your race time.

Food and Beverage

All runners will be given a ticket for a lunch after the race. Gluten free, dairy free and vegan options will be available based on your requests. Please honour the selection you made to allow all runners the chance to get a lunch.

Families and friends of runners are more than welcome to enjoy the Heights Pub inside the Heights of Horseshoe where they can get food and drink.

Runners may also enjoy a frosty beverage at the Heights Pub after but please no outside alcohol in the venue or parking lot. Being caught consuming alcohol you did not purchase at the Heights Pub will result in an immediate disqualification and a permanent ban from PYP.

Getting to Heights of Horseshoe

The Heights of Horseshoe is a Ski and Country club located north of Barrie. As you come down Horseshoe Valley Road you will see our 12' tall PYP flags at the entrance of the Heights of Horseshoe. Turn into this driveway and follow the road up to the parking lot where an attendant will help you find a parking spot. Our attendants are highly trained and skilled at helping large crowds park. You are in good hands.

Trail Courtesy

PYP wants to create the best possible run experience for all runners. Annually, we have a very high number of runners who are running trails and new distances for the first time. Please consider the following as you head out for your race:

  • Climbing/hiking poles are permitted on course. Please be aware of your poles and other runners at aid stations as pole tips are sharp.

  • If you are coming up on a runner that is slower, please state, "on your left" and pass when safe. Much of the course is single track and care must be taken when passing during these sections however, there is also a lot of double track which allows opportunities to position yourself ahead of runners. This situation often occurs when 12.5k racers come across 50k racers.

  • If you choose to use music, please ensure you can hear runners behind you who are stating "on the left" and then passing on the left. Allow them to pass when safe. The 12.5k racers will complete one loop and then be done their race so if you must use headphones, it is advised to wait until later in the day.

  • PYP does not have porta-potties at the ski chalet but instead has full flush, warm bathrooms accessible to you. We will have a door open on the lower level so that runners can enter the bathroom without using the staircase from the top level. Please take advantage of these nice bathrooms when you are near the chalet.

Please do not pee in the parking lot or outside the main chalet. Use the inside bathrooms at the chalet or go discreetly in the woods. If caught peeing in the parking lot, within sight of the chalet or outside the chalet you will be immediately removed from the race and banned.

Official Timing

Our race will once again be timed by our timing partners Chip Timing. Winners are based on gun time (instead of chip time) and the top 3 male, female and non-binary will be awarded in each distance. This year we are excited to have both an award and a prize provided by Sojourn Sports as well as grab bags from our electrolyte sponsors, Hammer Nutrition Canada.


We're excited to once again have Sue Sitki photography on course capturing the highs and lows, the fun and the grind of your race. She'll be sneaking around the woods capturing you in all your hill climbing glory so give her a smile if you see her. Photos will be posted and available for free after the race. Please be sure your bib is visible so that the OCR of her photo gallery can automatically identify you. It will make it much easier for you to find your pictures. Attach your bib on front with 4 pins to keep it flush and you will have an easy time finding your race pictures later.

Course Marking

Our course is marked with pink flags at ground level, on the right. Hard turns will be marked with PYP signs with an arrow on them and occasionally, trails you should not go down will be marked with caution tape across the ground. The course is a one way loop so if you are running towards another runner, one of you is going the wrong way.

The course is generously marked with flags and we have had very few lost runners over the last several years. Feel free to download the course map for your own use.

Aid Stations

Our aid stations will be stocked with various fruits, salty snacks and carbs. In addition our aid stations will have various gel flavours generously provided by our electrolyte sponsors, Hammer Nutrition Canada. We will have Heed electrolyte and water as well at the aid stations.

Cupless Event

PYP is proud to be a fully cupless event. Please be sure to have a hand flask, bladder or collapsible cup for water and Heed electrolyte. We will not have cups except if the race day is cold and we are dispensing soup.


A huge thanks to our sponsors who really make this a high class event. Hammer Nutrition Canada have been providing us with Hammer gels and Heed electrolyte for several years now and we love having this great fuel available to our runners. Hammer Nutrition has 30 years experience developing the most effective, natural products free of added sugars, artificial colours, flavours, chemicals and preservatives. They use only complex carbohydrates to enable peak fueling for your race.

Sojourn Outdoors is our new prize sponsor and we're excited to be able to give our top finishers and extra prize this year. In addition they have generously provided a discount coupon for all of our runners and they have an unparalleled selection of trail and outdoor gear. Be sure to visit us in store for pre-race kit pickup or hit up their online store. The vouchers are good for both in-store and online.

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