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Prizes, Prizes, Prizes

Hello and happy pre-race day to all our runner friends!

We wanted to share with you the amazing bounty of awards and prizes that our sponsors have donated to make our 2024 race a memorable one.

Prizes For All

First off, all our our runners win thanks to our amazing fuel and electrolyte sponsor, Hammer Nutrition Canada. They'll be providing Hammer gels and Heed electrolyte at all our aid stations so be sure to keep your energy levels up and your hydration at optimum by filling up your flask or reusable cup at one of our three aid stations.

Our prize sponsors, Sojourn Outdoors are also providing all our runners with a $25 off $100 purchase voucher for use in store or on-line, so grab yourself some new socks, shoes or adventure gear for your summer! Pick your kit up at Sojourn Outdoors (Google map) today (Friday, April 26) and get a bonus PYP glass while supplies last!

Of course, it wouldn't be PYP without giving all of our runners a jar of local Orillia Honey, a beautiful race shirt, and an official timing result from Chip Timing.

Finish your race, get some socks

It's that simple. Of course, it's not that simple is it? Finish the race distance you are registered for and one of our wonderful volunteers will hand you a pair of PYP socks at the finish line. The socks represent the grit and determination it took to get through this hilly, but beautiful course and get to the finish line. Nobody but PYP finishers will have those socks. Shadow box them on your wall or wear them. Enjoy them to their fullest, they represent your amazingness.

Feeling Feisty? We have awards for that

We are very excited to have partnered with Evans Tree Works for all new PYP trophies. These gorgeous hand carved trophies will keep the names of our male, female and non-binary top course times in each distance year to year. Check out more of the beautiful woodworking of Evans Tree Works at his Etsy page.

Top Finishers

Our top male, female and non-binary 50k finishers will be getting a very special award from our friends at Evans Tree Works. These hand crafted walnut charcuterie boards will be the centerpiece of your home and when you have guests over it will allow you to easily segue into the time you won the 50k PYP race.

In all distances the following prizes will be awarded to our top 3 male, female and non-binary racers:

First Place

Hand crafted, artisanal, unique GOLD PYP award

Sojourn Outdoors Gift Certificate for $100

Hammer Nutrition Canada prize pack

Permanent recognition on our PYP trophy

Second Place

Hand crafted, artisanal, unique SILVER PYP award

Sojourn Outdoors Gift Certificate for $50

Hammer Nutrition Canada prize pack


Hand crafted, artisanal, unique BRONZE PYP award

Sojourn Outdoors Gift Certificate for $25

Hammer Nutrition Canada prize pack

Winners are based on gun time, not chip time.

The GOAT Awards

You never give up. You put one front in front of the other until you got it done.

Trish, Chris and Rhonda have been at the back of the pack - they've been walked into aid stations by course sweepers, and that's why we appreciate you, the Greatest Of All Time who never gives up. Our last runner who finishes in time will get our GOAT award. Start the last loop by 2:30pm and finish in 9 hours to beat cutoffs.

See you all on Saturday and best of luck to all runners!

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