Pick Your Poison Trail Run

​One week until Race Day!

Hi everyone!  We are super excited for next week’s race and all the planning is really coming together. We wanted to send out message to remind everyone of some important things for race day.

Race starts at 9am and we have a lot of people to get through check in.  We are offering check in on Friday from 1pm until around 6pm at the Heights and again Saturday morning starting at 7am. ID is required to pick up your race kit. Please arrive early so we can get everyone through in time.  There is absolutely no race day registration.

Bib Placement:
Our race is not a chip-timed race.  You get timed because someone reads your bib number.  If your bib number is not in a visible spot we can’t score you.  Please do not pin your bib on your back, your pack or your hat.  It should be on your front and if you put it underneath your jacket be sure to show it as you come through the lap/finish line.  It really throws off the scorers if they have to chase you to get your number.

The Course:
The course is the same as last year.  It is always incredibly well marked with ribbon and black arrows on white background and has been leaf blown which makes the trail pretty obvious in most spots.  If you don’t see flags for more than 100 metres turn around and head back until you get back on the trail.  You should always be able to see the next marker at all times.  We put caution tape across any trails you are not to enter.  Do not step over caution tape or you will be off course.

The Aid Station:
The aid stations are stocked with lots of sweet and salty snacks to help you get through the race.  If you require particular items duing the race you should supply them yourself.  There is also water, Heed, Coke and Gingerale.  We try to minimize our garbage production by asking you to have the volunteers fill your bottles from the jugs instead of using multiple paper cups to fill them.  Drop bags can be left just past the start/finish area in an area marked for drop bags.  Please be very kind to our volunteers.  

Finishing Prizes:
Everyone who completes the race will receive the amazing PYP finishing socks.  These socks are hard earned by everyone who owns a pair and so we are very particular about handing them out.  If you did 3 out of 4 laps you won’t get socks, so don’t ask.  They are for finishing.  The honey and t-shirts are for starting. ;)

There are also prizes for the top three male and female in each distance so please be sure to stick around for the awards ceremony if you are a top three finisher.

The Barbeque:

The barbeque is hosted by the folks at the Heights and it is delicious.  Your ticket entitles you to one burger, hot dog or veggie burgers and the salads and a drink.  If you would like an extra burger or hot dog please purchase a ticket from the Heights.  The barbeque starts early in the day and we need to remember that there will be 50k runners out there for close to 8 hours so please don’t take extra cans of pop or bottles of water so that there are still some left for everyone.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Heights Ski & Country Club, Horseshoe Valley



​21 Jan 2018 Update:

Wow! The 12.5k is officially sold out at 125 racers (1 month sooner than last year!). We really appreciate everyone's interest in our race.  
The wait list is now open.  
Please add your name to the wait list if you are interested in racing. An email to confirm is not necessary.
Once a spot opens up it will be offered to the next person on the wait list via email. Check your email often.

No, we will not be able to bypass the wait list to offer your spot to your friend if you can't race - it's not fair to those on the wait list.

Last year we moved close to 20 people off of the wait list for the 12.5k. We can't give you any other idea of what your chances are of getting a spot. Most of the spots come up closer to the race (late March into April) so if this is not enough warning for you to be race ready please let me know and I will remove you from the wait list.

Refunds will be offered to those who are not able to race as long as we are able to fill the spot with another racer so if you are unable to join us please let us know.

Transfers will be at the race organizer's discretion so please don't register for a longer event unless you truly plan on racing that event. 

We have capped the race at 125 runners per distance. We have found that 375 runners is about max capacity for the trails and the venue while helping us maintain the grassroots feel of the event. It is important to us to make everyone feel like they are welcome and supported in their day. Increasing the racer numbers would impact our ability to maintain the kind of event we strive to host. We appreciate your understanding.

Good luck with your training!


​​12.5 / 25 / 50 km