Pick Your Poison Trail Run


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**** TRAIL UPDATE Thursday, April 26th - please read***
And just like that we are 36 hours from the start of the race! Lots you have questions about the condition of the trails and this post is going to try and answer them. As most of you know, we got over 21 inches of snow in the Horseshoe area two weeks ago. This did not help the already cooler than normal spring. Adam, Dawn and the incredible crew have been out on the trails for the last week working at marking and clearing trail. Because of the warm temperatures every day is completely different - even from morning to the afternoon. Of course, we keep hoping it will all melt away but that will certainly not be the case. Because of the melting we had some ice form over the past few days on the single track. Today Adam spent all day CHISELLING the ice and snow off of all of the single track to make sure it is safe and ready to go for Saturday. The majority of snow on the course is on the on the open ski trails, however they were able to leaf blow large sections of the course as well so it's a bit of a mixed bag. We want to remind runners to run according to the conditions and be prepared for a variety of trail conditions.
Adam's suggestion for shoes - go with your trail shoes with the deep lugs.
It's going to be really fun on Saturday and we can't wait!

Course markings - the course is marked with long pieces of orange ribbons and white signs with arrows and PYP written on them in black. Our course is always very well marked so if at any point you can't see a ribbon or a sign then backtrack until you find one.

Volunteers - to our wonder volunteers, please dress warm... and then put on another layer. To our runners, please be kind to our volunteers. They are standing out there all day in all conditions to make sure your race day is successful. We could not do this without them.

Drops - we want everyone to finish the race tomorrow. However, we know that doesn't happen on even the warmest and sunniest race days. If you are no longer carrying on please, please, please let a race organizer or an aid station staff know. The last thing we want to do at the end of the day is search the forest someone who is at home relaxing in their recliner.

Cut-off times - for all distances the cut off time is 3pm (6 hours). Runners will not be allowed to start a lap after that time and it is strictly enforced. The cut-off time to finish is 8 hours.

Drop bags. Drop bags for multi lap runners can be left at aid station three just past the start/finish area. Please make sure you pass through the start/finish (with your bib on display!) first and then you can go to your drop bags.  

Race morning snacks. Dawn has secured our usual assortment of pastries and the Heights will have pots of coffee on in the morning before the race. Please help yourself. Of course, don't forget to sample some delicious Stoked Oats before the race and be sure to say hello to Stoked Oats co-creator Simon Donato out on course and thank him for being such an awesome supporter of PYP both as a sponsor and a racer.

Dogs. The Heights of horseshoe has let us know that dogs are not allowed on the property. If you have no choice but to bring your dog please know that it is absolutely NOT allowed in the building. This is a public health regulation.

Bibs. Our race is hand scored. There are no chips on your ankle or hidden in your bib. If we can't see your number you will not get scored. We can not see your number if it is on your back or on your hat or on your t-shirt under two layers of clothes. Please make sure it is visible as you go through aid stations and the start-finish line. 

Cups. The number of cups we throw out each year is astonishing. Please help us reduce the waste by carrying a handheld bottle or something similar to fill at the aid stations. Our volunteers are more than happy to grab your bottle and fill it up while you have a bite to eat. Also, there will be no bottled water at the bbq. The heights will provide jugs of water for you to top up your bottle if you'd like. The bbq includes a can of pop if you'd like.

Early Packet Pickup.  We have confirmed that we will again be able to offer early packet pick up on Friday afternoon at the Heights. We will be there from 1pm to around 6pm - feel free to stop by and pick up your race kit and save yourself time and stress on Saturday morning.  
Please remember that photo ID is required to pick up your race kit.
Registration will open again on Saturday morning at 7am. We'd like to have everyone through by 830am so we can make sure everyone and everything is ready for the 9am start.  

T-shirts.  We have ordered more than enough shirts for everyone but if you want to be guaranteed the size you requested then be sure to pick up your kit early. 
We recommend you bring your water bottles full and ready to go when you arrive in the morning. The Heights will have some water jugs available to fill your bottles but to avoid the chaos just come ready to race.  

Barbecue.  Your barbecue ticket entitles you to a burger/hotdog or veggie burger plus two salads and a drink and a cookie. It does not entitle you to two burgers and a separate plate piled with salad. Extra tickets are available for purchase from the Heights if you're still hungry.

Stoked Oats will be on site in the morning offering up warm samples of their oatmeal. Be sure to visit them and try some. It's the perfect fuel for your race.​ 

Saturday, April 28, 2018

​​12.5 / 25 / 50 km

The Heights Ski & Country Club, Horseshoe Valley