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Registration opens Friday, Dec 1 @ 8pm

We invite you, trail runners from all corners of Ontario and beyond, to join us on April 27, 2024 to come scream, curse and have second thoughts about running our very hilly but beautiful trail race in pursuit of the golden grail of spring trail running: The PYP Finisher Socks, and just to be clear, these are no ordinary socks. These socks are infused with the sweat and maybe even tears, that you, the trail runner shed, while climbing hills like Little Katie.

Our link below, which is infused with the sweat and tears of last year's runners, will take you to Race Roster where, at 8pm EST exactly on Friday, Dec 1, you will be able to sign up for something that will keep you honest this holiday season: a spring trail race.

(Registration has sold out in previous years so grab your spot early!)

New This Year

We're very excited to be continuing to reduce our ecological footprint and this year we're looking to have all runners be prepared to bring their own drinking vessels for water and electrolytes. These can be eco-cups, flasks, hydration vests, bottles, Tupperware - you name it, we'll fill it for you, and as you raise your Tupperware of Heed electrolyte high to the sky you may declare loudly, "Here's to you mother earth! May your roots and rocks be kind to me on this day for contributing to reduced waste!" If you don't yet have some way of carrying water with you on your runs, well - Santa's coming - just sayin'

A big hello to our non-binary friends. We are pleased to have a non-binary category available during registration. If you, for any reason, don't associate with the male, or female genders, please feel free to use this category during registration. No questions. We support your love of trails.

We've got a fun new contest this year. You know Little Katie right? It's that massive hill that stands between you and the finish line. Well this year, we're going to have a contest to name another hill on the course - the one just before the second aid station. More details to come, but you've got all winter to come up with a good name for that beast of a hill. You'll also get a chance to think about it as you go up it once, twice or four times, because that's how Pick Your Poison works.

Be sure to get signed up for our 2024 race by hitting up Race Roster on Dec 1 @ 8PM!

Just look at the pain and suffering these folks are going through. Come on and join in the fun!

A man wearing a hydration vest throwing the peace sign climbs a hill
Well this guy is only happy because he's 10m from the aid station and they had cookies.

A group of trail runners in bright jackets are running side by side on a wide trail road
Well these runners are happy because they just started!

Two women are coming down a grassy hill. One has poles and the other is smiling.
Aha! See! This could be you! Join the struggle bus next April!

A woman is on a trail and behind her are other runners in the distance. The second runner behind her is wearing jean shorts but they're actually spandex that looks like jean shorts.
Trail runners weeping from the sheer torture of it all. Trail running is hard people - support each other and you will all get socks.

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