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Race recap for our lucky 13th year!

Updated: May 3, 2023

Spring races bring unpredictable Canadian weather and this year was no exception with cool temps and a persistent light drizzle - but none of you seemed to be bothered by it!

The photo gallery is up!

Did you smile for the camera or did Sue catch you coming up the hill, gasping for breath!

Go find yourself in the online photo gallery!

Sue was a trooper for being out there in that rain, we can't thank her enough and our winners took home bars of her beautiful soap.

Next up, our winners

Thanks again to Chiptime Results who provided us our official timing results!

12.5k women

1st place, 126 - Jennifer Faraone, 1:10:54

2nd place, 190 - Jacinda Riley, 1:13:52

3rd place, 200 - Hilary Stone, 1:13:52

12.5k men

1st place, 166 - Robert McCann, 50:05

2nd place, 165 - Neil McCallum, 1:03:18

3rd place, 203 - Adam Tarvit, 1:05:33

25k Women

We have a pretty big apology to make to these amazing ladies. When we went to present the awards, the timing software was acting up. There was never any problem with the timing data itself, but the finisher list was not compiling and during that moment we accidentally gave out some wrong awards. We don't want to belittle any of the effort these amazing runners put in and we certainly don't want to take their awards away, so for this particular lucky year we have some special podium placings.

1st place, 388 - Kelly Senk, 2:23:47

2nd place, 333 - Tiia Dolson, 2:33:20

3rd place, 396 - Rebecca Tanner, 2:35:05 (pictured running)

3rd and a half place, 319 - Rebecca Cheek, 2:45:11

25k men

1st place, 301 - Joshua Babbin, 1:58:49

2nd place, 389 - Luka Senk, 1:59:48

3rd place, 400 - Danny Tresise, 2:03:03

50k women

1st place, 501 - Krista Allen, 5:09:20

2nd place, 567 - Paula Morley, 5:37:12

3rd place, 589 - Isabelle Simard, 5:40:13

50k men

1st place, 604 - Jeremy Walsh, 4:15:02

2nd place, 500 - Ryan Ackerman, 4:33:07

3rd place, 522 - Jason DeJong'LaPorta, 4:38:55

Our tenacious GOATs

These runners never gave up and finished their races within the specified cutoff time. Tenacity is a revered and awarded skill here at PYP, and so below are our Greatest Of All Time runners. Andrea Lynn Sloan sure made it a nail biter when she appeared at the top of the final descent with a mere 6 minutes left on the clock, but her legs turned over as fast as they could as she came chucking down the hill and crossed the finish line with exactly 4 minutes left! Amazing job to all!

12.5k - 206 - Tammy Van Vugt

25k - 351 - Heather Heij

50k - 591 - Andrea Lynn Sloan

Hammer Nutrition Canada keeps us going strong!

Did you enjoy the Heed electrolyte drink we had on course? Our runners know that even though it was a cold day, your body still needs electrolytes and fuel to replace the energy expended and the sweat. Thanks to Hammer Nutrition Canada for bringing new Lemon-lime HEED which was really popular! Our aid station volunteers also said that Chocolate and Espresso were the most popular gels. Somebody said they tasted like chocolate pudding :) Get your hands on some today!

Moms on course

We had lots of mothers on course with us this weekend but two really fun stories were those of Arianna Vegter (402) and Kelly Doner (116). Arianna says that PYP was her last race before she had her little guy last year and this year's run was her first race back! Kelly brought her new 10 month old son Koah on her 12.5k hike. He was comfortable and dry in the sheltered pack mom had him in. Congrats to both these amazing ladies. We are so happy and proud to support trail loving moms.

Here's to our volunteers

While you may have seen our race directors hustling about, over 25 additional amazing human beings helped us pull off this epic day. From the folks helping you get your bib and shirt to those who stood outside all day in the cool drizzle handing out socks or making sure you had the hydration you needed to crush your race.

Thank you, thank you, thank you (thank you)

Did you see death on course?

We have reports of people seeing the Grim Reaper on course? We didn't see anything while we were clearing the course so you all must have been hallucinating it - yes group hallucination, that's what it was ;)

Until Next Year!

A forest trail with trail shoe prints in it.
Despite the rain, the trail still tells the tale of the runners who loved her so. "Come again some time," she says, "I do so love your joyful sounds..."

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Had a lot of fun at my first PYP ! You guys did a great job. See you next year !


Such a great event :) can't wait until next year!

May 02, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Alicia, glad you had fun and the drizzle didn't get you down 🅿️☔🅿️

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