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Previewing the shirts and Finisher socks!

This year we're working with a new sock providers and our custom design socks are sourced to give you a more comfortable run!

Tackle the toughest trails and Pick Your Poison this year. When you finish the distance you signed up for, you'll get a pair of our new custom socks! All registrants get a PYP shirt, but only finishers get the coveted PYP socks.

Designed specifically for trail runners, this year's socks feature extra cushioning in high-impact areas, breathable mesh for ventilation, and reinforced seams for durability. The material is moisture-wicking, so you can run through the muddiest and wettest terrain without having to worry about blisters or hot spots.

In addition to their functional benefits, the socks also have a brand new look for this year. Not only will you be comfortable, but you'll also look great in these custom socks!

New Shirt Style

We've gone all new with our shirts as well and every registrant will receive a long sleeve performance shirt this year with our 2023 PYP art. This fresh new design represents the lucky 13th year of racing at the Copeland Forest and Heights of Horseshoe. Will it be your lucky year? Shirts will be given as part of your race kit.

2023 Performance Long Sleeve

2023 PYP Performance Socks

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I got these T shirts in half sleeves and my name letter has been embedded on the back by Sam's Menswear Toronto. It had been customized really well and T shirt looks great.

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